Terms and conditions

  • By using Genius Fax, you agree to the terms and conditions and to our Privacy Policy.
  • You understand that we will make a best effort to transmit your fax. However, we are not responsible of any consequences of a fax transmission failure.
  • All sales of credits are final and cannot be refunded.

Privacy policy

  • When you create an account with Genius Fax, you provide us with a login and password. We use the login to identify you and keep track of the status of your faxes.
  • Your login and password will never be shared with anyone else without your permission.
  • We do not store the PDF files of the fax you send on our servers except while we are transmitting them. To the best of our knowledge, our fax provider Phaxio only stores the fax while it's being sent. As a drawback, this means that the fax files are only available from the device you used to send them.
  • We do store the received faxes on our servers so that you can access them at any time.
  • We store the fax metadata on our servers (number, sender name or recipient name if you provided them) which allows us to display your fax history (aka. fax list).
  • When you delete a fax from your fax list, we delete the PDF file associated with it and do not keep any reference to it.
  • If we collect your email during the signup process and unless you opt out, we might use it to contact you occasionally about new features or products or send you important notices about the service.