What is a credit?
One credit allows you to send or to receive one fax page. The cost is the same for local or international.
How much does a fax cost?
One page costs one credit. The credits cost between $0.99 and $0.40 depending on how many credits you buy at once.
If my fax doesn't send, what happens to my credits?
You are only charged a credit if your fax is delivered. If there is a problem delivering your fax, your credits will be automatically recredited to your account after a few minutes.
How do I buy credits?
Just tap on the Add Credits button at the bottom of the main screen.
You can click here but for next time you will see this same link on your home screen.
Why do we charge?
It's simple: we have to pay to send or receive the faxes on your behalf and we want to offer a sustainable product.
Sending a Fax
My fax has been sending for very long
It's likely that your fax contains a lot of pages. A page takes about 2 minutes to send, and that's if the fax machine of your recipient responds immediately.
What might also happen is that your connectivity wasn't very good and you didn't get the notification that the fax was sent. You can always pull down on the fax list to refresh the status of your faxes and check that they have been delivered correctly.
The recipient has not received my fax. What can I do?
There are several reasons why your recipient might not have received it:
  • The fax number may be incorrect. You should double-check it's correct.
  • The receiving machine could be broken or run out of ink, paper.
  • The fax could have been picked by the wrong person.
Try to send your fax again and call the recipient to make sure the receiving fax machine is working and that they pick up the fax.
Do I need a fax number to send faxes?
No you don't. Fax numbers are only useful if you need to receive faxes.
How can I fax multiple files at once?
It's not possible to send several files at once with Genius Fax. However, you could gather your multiple pages in a single PDF document and fax it with Genius Fax.
Genius Scan is great for doing this.
Receiving a fax
How do I get a fax number?
You can subscribe for a fax number by tapping the Get Number button at the bottom of the main screen.
You can click here but for next time you will see this same link on your home screen.
You can subscribe for 1, 3 or 6 months and you will be notified by email one week before the end of the subscription. You can choose the area code of your number or pick a toll-free number. We currently support Canadian and US fax numbers.
How to receive faxes?
After you subscribe for a number, you can simply give it to all your contacts and they can start sending you faxes right away. Make sure you have credits to be able to view faxes as soon as they are received.
What can I do if I have trouble receiving a fax?
Do not hesitate and contact us.
Do not hesitate and contact us.